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Friary Park Estate

Friary Park Estate - Proposed Re-Build

Friary Park was originally built for private sale by Laing Construction and it was purchased by Catalyst Housing (previously Ealing Family Housing Association) in 1987. Catalyst have recently made the decision to re-build the estate citing reasons that it is not possible to effectively re-design the interiors and improve heating efficiency for current residents.

The concern within the community is that the proposed re-build is being driven solely based on profit as the site is now seen as extremely lucrative given its location near the Acton Mainline Crossrail station. The 'master plan' unveiled by Catalyst has caused even more concern as the intensity of the build includes changing an area of 250 homes into one of 550 dwellings, including a 16 storey high rise tower and a series of 6-14 storey blocks. 
Such drastic over development is expected to put significant pressure on public services within the area as well as reducing the standard of living for residents both on the estate and in the neighbouring area. 

Catalyst's plans include:

  • "decanting" many tenants who will not be able to return to the estate due to the non-replacement of bedsits and only around half the number of one-bedroomed flats (many of these people are vulnerable)
  • the build of 172 flats in the 16 storey tower for sale to private investors, mostly from overseas
  • no increase in social housing
  • the increase of around 2,500 people on Friary Park
  • the inexplicable plan to join Friary Green, which is common land and not owned by the Council nor Catalyst, to the small area of grass on Friary Park
  • blocking the much used local road around one side of the green in order to join the green to Catalyst's green area
  • allowing the elderly who occupy Antilles House to live on what will be a building site for 7 to 8 years in the same types of housing Catalyst see fit to demolish on the rest of their estate
  • a playground which is on the outskirts of the estate, not in the middle, where it would be safer
  • the demolition and non-replacement of a community centre

Catalyst have already made the statement that they have no duty of care to residents in the surrounding area.

For the latest information published by Catalyst regarding the proposed re-build please see:

What can YOU do about your concerns and objections to this build?  You can join our association, where we will act as a united voice on this and other building matters in Acton Central.  FGRA are asking for donations in order to pay for expert legal and planning assistance for our campaign to address these issues, so please help us and donate if you can.  

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  (Margaret Mead)

Additionally, put pen to paper and write or email your local Councillors with your concerns and other stakeholders, below:

You can also post on the local forum to air your views and support others doing so.