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Public consultation on a Neighbourhood Forum  

Ealing Council are consulting residents regarding the formal recognition of a neighbourhood forum for Acton.  A neighbourhood forum gives powers of consultation with Ealing Council on planning matters for the local area.  It is essential that those who live around CrossRail, Friary Park, Horn Lane Industrial site and Horn Lane to the east and west of the area have a voice on planning issues.  A neighbourhood forum is the avenue to do so. Some of our Committee have been active in forming the Acton Mainline Neighbourhood Forum (AMLForum) whose application is being consulted upon by the Council with the residents.  The consultation ends on the 19th October.  Please email Mr Steve Barton at Ealing Council if you wish to voice your support for AMLForum:    For more information about the AMLForum, visit their website or Twitter.

Current Planning Applications
Information regarding planning related matters can be found through the Ealing Council Planning Portal -

Call for a Public Health Enquiry into Horn Lane Pollution:  For many years now the recorded levels of pollution around the Horn Lane Industrial Site have been alarmingly high. Local GPs and Chemists have noted a rise in asthma and respiratory illnesses in the immediate area and a local GP has asked Ealing Council's Director of Public Health, Dr Jackie Chin, to press for a Public Health Enquiry. With the ongoing pollution from the cement and waste factories within the Horn Lane site along with an increase in the local population, traffic, CrossRail and the Friary Park proposal we encourage you to voice your support for a Public Health Enquiry.  To do so, simply email your support for a Public Health Enquiry to Dr Jackie Chin at:

Here is the monitoring website if you wish to monitor the pollution level locally.  This affects us all.  Thank you for your support in this important issue. 



Friary Park Proposed Re-Build

Friary Park Petition:  We launched our campaign "Local residents insist Ealing Council Keeps Skyscrapers OUT of Acton Central, W3" back in May.  Many hundreds of you signed the petition online and on paper.  We submitted the petition to Mr Martin Smith, CEO, Ealing Council on the 8th August this year along with our letter outlining residents objections to the current proposals by Catalyst Housing for Friary Park estate, W3.  Thank you to all those residents who signed and for your continued support.  It's expected that Catalyst will submit their plans shortly and we will keep you informed.

The FGRA Committee is working hard to address your many concerns about the Friary Park proposals - both with Catalyst Housing and Ealing Council. Replies from both to our questions and concerns have been slow or non-existent.  

Catalyst held their public exhibition to outline their plans in late July, on two consecutive days - during the busiest holiday week of summer when resident attendance would be predictably low.  We have requested that a further exhibition be held in September, once the summer holidays were over, but our request hasn't been granted.

EIA:  We have emailed the CEO of Ealing Council to request that the decision to waive a EIA (environmental impact assessment) on the Friary Park proposals by Catalyst are reconsidered, especially in light of the Horn Lane industrial pollution and the size of the Friary Park plan and its impact on the area.  Ealing Council refused. 

For an outline of the Friary Park proposals by Catalyst and contact list for you to make your views known see here.
Acton Mainline Crossrail Development Plans
Initial design plans for the Acton Mainline station area have recently been published by Urban Realm Designers in conjunction with Crossrail.

"Crossrail is building a new Acton Main Line station just to the south of the existing building on the junction of Horn Lane and Friary Road with a location and orientation that creates a new station forecourt east of the station and a new space to the rear.

The road junction is currently signalised, with significant guardrailing and pedestrian crossings that do not provide for natural pedestrian ‘desire lines’. Nearby footways have a number of pinch points, compounded by poorly located street furniture, and suffer from the use of multiple materials. There is no public seating close-by.

The aim of the urban realm design is to replace the existing signalised crossing with a non-standard roundabout layout using more robust materials, similar to the pioneering scheme in Poynton, Cheshire. Zebra crossings on each arm of the crossing will improve pedestrian access, while simultaneously slowing traffic and increasing junction capacity. Other features include narrowing the carriageway, footway widening, new tree planting, relocated bus-stop facilities, new public seating, and a cycle hub behind the station providing covered parking space for up to 84 bikes."

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