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The Association was formed in March 2015 as a number of residents in the area felt that their residential interests are not being looked after by the government, local council and property development companies. In particular, formation of the association was primarily triggered in response to the Cross Rail development and the subsequent unveiling of plans for high-rise development in the area. Residents feel that this will have a serious negative impact on a typically low-rise, residential area and therefore feel the need to act.

With pressure from the forthcoming Cross Rail development now starting to be felt, residents believe that any future planning applications, especially those that will significantly change the landscape of the area, need to be considered more in terms of the wider impact. Since the potential for developers to profit is very high, either financially or in the form of vast expansion, and with local government under pressure to meet housing targets for the borough, the association aims to ensure that this does not result in over development as this will ultimately degrade overall conditions.
Committee members
Our Committee was elected on 24 March 2015 at its first AGM, which was well attended by its new members.  We had 8 nominations for Committee places and the Committee themselves, once appointed by the members, went on to appoint its officers.  Thank you all who put themselves forward.    

To contact members of the Committee please use our contact form.

A copy of our Constitution outlines the role of Committee members and can be read here.

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