Overall Aims of the Association

The Friary Green area lies within the Acton Central Ward, London W3 and the newly formed Friary Green Residents' Association (FGRA) welcomes all residents as its members.  Together we can work towards protecting the interests of our community and improve the local area.  
The Friary Green Residents' Association aims to:
  • promote tenants’ and residents’ rights and good housing conditions. 
  • provide a forum for consultation and negotiation with the London Borough of Ealing and other bodies. 
  • bring improvements to the area, to increase community spirit, to provide social activities for all sections of the community and to promote a healthy environment. 
  • encourage the participation of every resident in the area covered, in particular to promote equal opportunities and to oppose racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. 
Latest News:  

Public consultation re Neighbourhood Forum:  Ealing Council are consulting residents regarding the formal recognition of a neighbourhood forum for Acton.  A neighbourhood forum gives powers of consultation with Ealing Council on planning matters for the local area.  It is essential that those who live around CrossRail, Friary Park, Horn Lane Industrial site and Horn Lane to the east and west of the area have a voice on planning issues.  A neighbourhood forum is the avenue to do so. Some of our Committee have been active in forming the Acton Mainline Neighbourhood Forum (AMLForum) whose application is being consulted upon by the Council with the residents.  The consultation ends on the 19th October.  Please email Mr Steve Barton at Ealing Council if you wish to voice your support for AMLForum: bartons@ealing.gov.uk    For more information about the AMLForum, visit their website or Twitter.

Call for a Public Health Enquiry into Horn Lane Pollution:  For many years now the recorded levels of pollution around the Horn Lane Industrial Site have been alarmingly high. Local GPs and Chemists have noted a rise in asthma and respiratory illnesses in the immediate area and a local GP has asked Ealing Council's Director of Public Health, Dr Jackie Chin, to press for a Public Health Enquiry.  With the ongoing pollution from the cement and waste factories within the Horn Lane site along with an increase in the local population, traffic, CrossRail and the Friary Park proposal we encourage you to voice your support for a Public Health Enquiry.  To do so, simply email your support for a Public Health Enquiry to Dr Jackie Chin at:   ChinJ@ealing.gov.uk

Here is the monitoring website if you wish to monitor the pollution level locally.  This affects us all.  Thank you for your support in this important issue. 

Friary Park:  We launched our petition "Local residents insist Ealing Council Keeps Skyscrapers OUT of Acton Central, W3" back in May.  Many hundreds of you signed the petition online and on paper.  We submitted the petition to Mr Martin Smith, CEO, Ealing Council on the 8th August this year along with our letter outlining residents objections to the current proposals by Catalyst Housing for Friary Park estate, W3.  Thank you to all those residents who signed and for your continued support.  It's expected that Catalyst will submit their plans shortly and we will keep you informed.  

The FGRA is asking for crowd-funding so we can fund expert legal and planning help in objecting to the current proposals and plans by Catalyst Housing for Friary Park.  Your donations are gratefully received - just click on the PayPal button below.  Many thanks.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  (Margaret Mead)


Joining the association is currently free of charge and can be done online here.


The Association's Constitution was ratified by its members at our 1st AGM on the 24th March, 2015 and can be viewed here.

Current Focus

1.  Ensuring residents interests are considered in light of the current in-flight planning application for the re-build of Friary Park estate
2. Retention of the existing public outdoor space at Friary Green and the road configuration around the green.

3. Air quality & pollution monitoring around the Horn Lane area and the call for a Public Enquiry.

4. CrossRail and its implications for residents.
5. Keeping the community informed of any developments, plans or events that that affect our area.
Association Area
The area covered by FGRA is currently outlined as follows, although we welcome including residents from outside of this area if requested.  Full membership is available to those living in the following streets:

Allison Road, Birkbeck Avenue, Brougham Road, Eastbourne Avenue, Emanuel Avenue, Faraday Road, Friars Gardens, Friars Way, Friary Park estate, Friary Road, Grasmere Avenue, Horn Lane (from Birkbeck Ave to the A40 East side), Joseph Avenue, Leamington Park, Messaline Avenue, Rosebank Way, St Dunstan's Avenue, St Dunstan's Gardens, Sparks Close, The Drive, Westbourne AvenueWestern Avenue (between Horn Lane and St Dunstan's Avenue) and York Road.

Associate membership is available to everyone else outside this area. All welcome.

Angela Jullings,
Apr 2, 2015, 3:50 PM